Our Mission

To provide custom fit investment solutions for businesses and individuals by offering our clients with non-traditional investment strategies typically ignored by one sized fits all institutions.

Our Investment Strategy

Most importantly, our strategy proposes an optimal asset allocation that is custom tailored to each clients' appetite for risk. Prior to executing trades, we take into account independent research, calculate our own intrinsic value, and review fundamental and technical analyses. In this respect we use state-of–the-art technology and research from many Wall Street firms. Lastly, we believe it is important to focus on financial & tax planning and money management to maximize client’s returns, while minimizing market risk.

Our Values

QFA firmly believes in teamwork, integrity and excellence, while placing the clients' needs above those of the company and the principal of the firm. Furthermore, we utilize our core values as a cornerstone in building successful relationships for the long term.

Our Professionals

QFA's advisors must meet the highest personal and professional standards in order to offer both our institutional and retail clients what we call, "advice with integrity". Our business relationships are built on mutual trust and respect.

The Future

QFA's objective is to be the premier financial advisor/wealth & money management firm by, assisting each of our clients in defining and achieving their financial goals over the coming decades, while offering active money management and access to superior information & services through QFA's & the custodian's advisor platform on the internet, as well as through a high degree of personal attention and individually tailored portfolio design. 

QFA continuously seeks to create and implement additional strategic alliances with trust & estate attorneys, tax specialists and insurance professionals, so as to offer our clients a full suite approach to wealth management. Additionally, we will continue to help reduce trade costs, seek and obtain best trade executions and offer additional products and services. 

As a client centered advisory firm, it is imperative that we understand each and every clients' needs and desires. In doing so, our advisors will make every effort to match realistic client expectations with the most reliable and effective money management strategies available; thereby enhancing portfolio values, while at the same time, being critically mindful of managing risk. 

Ultimately, our goal is to empower our clients within the context of highly personal, secure and comprehensive wealth advisory services, so as to enable them to make consistent, sound and progressive financial decisions.