The Investment Intern Incubator Program (IIIP) was structured by the senior executive managers of the firm.  The team has considerable experience in the capital markets in the following areas of banks, Wall Street firms and asset managers; ---research, sales & trading, portfolio and risk management.  In addition, the team members also serve as adjunct professors at the top business schools in the nation (i.e. Columbia, NYU, Indiana, George Washington University, University of Maryland, Johns Hopkins University). They developed this program as a means to offer their students an opportunity to develop their financial skills and bring real-world experience into the classroom. These internships include undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. students.

This is a very competitive program but offers a relaxed environment. Most of the interns that go through the program springboard into a career in the financial industry at firms such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Bank of China, HSBC, PIMCO, Blackrock, Capital One Bank, JPMorgan and Bank of America.