Institutional Intelligent Portfolios™ is engineered for the beginner investor who does not have a lot of assets, the time or inclination to manage a portfolio, and cannot justify using a full time registered investment advisor, but would still prefer direction with their investments. 

STEP TWO: QFA IP Registration

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 STEP THREE: IA Agreements For IP By State

All clients interested in Institutional Intelligent Portfolios™ will be required to fill out an IP IA agreement.

Washington D.C. 
           - Discretionary QFA IP IA Agreement (DC)
           - Discretionary QFA IP IA Agreement (MD)
- Discretionary QFA IP IA Agreement (FL)
All Other-States
           - Discretionary QFA IP IA Agreement (Other)


  Please make sure to review all disclosures before proceeding.

Please make sure to review all disclosures before proceeding.


                                              QFA Program Key Is:  H486

To get started, please copy the 4 digit QFA Program Code above. Then click the button "Institutional Intelligent Portfolios™." View the important notice and proceed to the Institutional Intelligent Portfolios website. Go to the upper right hand corner and click "Get Started," then scroll down and paste the program key into the allotted box.


Fund your account with a minimum of $5,000, set up a direct deposit,  and you will have access to not only Institutional Intelligent Portfolios, but to a series 65 registered investment advisor. 

As your portfolio grows in value, you may choose to upgrade your service to working with a dedicated financial advisor for a more personalized relationship.  For further information feel free to contact us.