Employment Opportunities:

1. Senior Financial Advisor

Required: 10+ year experience in capital markets

2. Financial Advisor

Required: 5+ years experience in capital markets

Financial Advisor Job Description

3. Strategic Advisor

Alliance Program for Accountants, Lawyers, Insurance specialists. Join our SAA Program and increase client referrals.

4. Executive Assistant

Required 5+ year experience at a financial advisor firm, brokerage firm or bank must be series 65 licensed.

Executive Assistant Job Description

5. Investment Intern Incubator Program

Graduate or Undergraduate student with major in Finance, Accounting or Information Systems. Translation opportunities For French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and German.

6. QFA Advisor Transition Program

RIAs seeking to transition to full or part time retirement

7. QFA Expansion Initiative

Domestic and international strategic alliances with universities, accountants, banks, mortgage companies, and trust attorneys. In addition, seeking to open domestic and international QFA branch offices.