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Our Mission

At Quantum Financial Advisors our mission is to offer global access to premier institutional wealth management products and services on a wholesale basis.

The QFA Difference

Here, you can enjoy a personal relationship with our investment professionals. We see investing from your perspective, and make recommendations based on actually listening to you and understanding your needs.

Topics and Services

Quantum Financial Advisors is a comprehensive financial services firm committed to helping you improve your long-term financial success through personalized service and expertise.

Business Planning

If you are like most business owners QFA has worked with, you may not have had the time to effectively plan for some of your business and basic financial needs. We can help you grow your business and meet your personal financial goals by establishing a healthy balance between your personal and professional needs.

Education Planning

Educational planning involves forecasting your family's educational future and designing an investment strategy that addresses those educational needs. At QFA, we take into consideration how much time until the start date, if it is either public or private, the investment returns needed to achieve the required capital and if your family qualifies for any type of financial aid. We can help you plan accordingly so that you will be ready for the next stage of your child or grandchild's educational growth. It is important to begin saving early to reduce the initial funds required by taking advantage of the power of compounding over time.

Estate Planning

Through our lives, we spend so much time worrying about making a decent living. Questions like: Will we have enough for a new house? Can I afford that new car? Can I take that trip I always wanted to take?

But the years pass. You've built up an estate, and achieved success. Your focus starts shifting away from taking care of yourself, to ensuring your loved ones are cared for after you're gone. This is what estate planning is all about.

Financial Planning

Here at QFA, our main objective is to help provide you financial security today and far into the future. We conduct an in-depth evaluation of your financial profile in order to create a structured plan based on saving and investing. Your financial goals will always dictate which financial instruments we will implement in order to obtain financial success. We will help you maximize your financial efforts with a well-organized plan and continue to provide you details and recommendations throughout your relationship with us.

Insurance Planning

You got where you are today by working hard and working smart. This means using all your resources to their maximum while minimizing risk. It is imperative that your financial and estate plan takes into consideration the risks that you, your family and your business cannot afford to take. In a portfolio, you diversify risk, but when it comes to protecting your ability to think, earn money, plan and create, how do you react? To protect your family, business and assets, the risk to your abilities also must be diversified. The least expensive and most intelligent method is through Insurance.

Cash Management

With interests at close to near 0 levels, QFA can maximize returns on your available cash. We offer products and services that include high yield investor money markets (over 1 percent), laddered CDs, and tax free short term investments.

Financing Opportunities

QFA assists in commercial and residential acquisitions as well as refinancing. In addition, we assist with Pledged Asset Lines (PALs) for businesses and individuals.

Money Management

For the in-house clients', we offer a state-of-the-art "hedge fund" style of asset management on a seperate account basis with full transparency and liquidity. For our out-house clients', we offer the same service to other financial advisors, asset managers, wealth advisors and financial planners on a sub advisor/independent contractor basis.

Retirement Planning

Today, we have a myriad of options to help each of us prepare for the golden years. Yet, without a specific plan of action, many people find themselves falling short when it is time for them to live off of their life's work.

Take the time to review your options, and ensure that you're prepared when it's your turn to retire. And when you're ready to speak with a professional about saving for retirement, call us at 301-296-6203 or 202-955-9201.

Online Tutorials

QFA can create online tutorials at a clients' request, if you would like to learn how to Calculate the Beta and Sharpe Ratio using R
or Learn Portfolio Construction!

If you are interested in Alternative Assets please take a look at our book! A Beginning Guide to Alternative Assets! by Howard R. Lodge and Joseph Rinaldi

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