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Welcome to Quantum Financial Advisors, Inc.
Here, you can enjoy a personal relationship with our investment professionals. We see investing from your perspective, and make recommendations based on actually listening to you and understanding your needs. If you want to receive a complimentary quarterly newsletter 
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Our Mission
At Quantum Financial Advisors our mission is to offer global access to premier institutional money & wealth management products and services, on a wholesale basis.



Our Services
At  Quantum Financial Advisors, Inc. our investment style begins with determining the right asset allocation for each client, then rotating from sector to sector to buy what's cheap and sell what is rich and always pursuing yield enhancement , while protecting our client's principal. The investment style we use is so unique, that it is similar to a hedge fund but better! There are no asset minimums, there is full transparency, full liquidity, offered on a wholesale pricing level, leverages a financial advisor platform to offer clients timely information on their accounts, regulated by the States, all on a separate account basis.

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In today's rapidly changing financial marketplace, you are faced with an incredible array of choices about ways to invest your money. It's no easy task constructing and constantly monitoring an investment portfolio that provides the right mix of current income, steady growth potential and long-term security. That's why now, more than ever, investors are relying on the expertise and guidance of professional investment advisors to develop and maintain a customized investment portfolios that is right for them.



Our world as we knew it reached a historic crossroad on September 11th. Our world has a choice: We can self-destruct and enter into a malaise not seen since the Middle Ages, or move to higher heights of greatness. We must all stand united and step up to fight terrorism so that our civilization prevails, prospers and reaches the greatness that is our destiny.






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